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(#) Teresa 2011-02-22

Sighs......there really isn't that much to choose between Dumbles and Voldy as far as their actions go - both of them are in the running for Dark Lord of the Century! Dumbles might have been slicker at hiding his actions but then it helped that Voldy was such a flashy creep! Until recently Dumbles seemed to be keeping up with his subscription for "The Evil Overlord's List : 20th Century Edition ", but his current behavior shows that he's forgotten how to use the info! On the other hand, Dobby and Harry must have picked up a copy! They definately know how to inspire their minions! I thought Peeves was going to melt when they gave him free reign on April Fool's day! I'm glad that they made sure to keep him concentrating on the ones who deserve his attentions........ Snape must really be hating life; he'll never figure out what buckyballs are! Will he start testing all surfaces to make sure nothing's wrong? If he does that infront of Voldy or the Voldettes they'll think he's flipped. Then again extreme paranoia seems to be part of the DE's code. I enjoyed reading about Harry and Hermione's shopping trip and visit to the goblins. I hope that Harry does have a few goblin students someday! Will there be a run on the movies now by the young goblins? Who knows, Harry's Jedi council might have representatives from many, if not all of the magical ethnicites. I wonder if the Centaurs would be interested? Perhaps Harry could talk to Firenze at some point. As for the shoping trip, I'd say that Luna's wish list must have been interesting, and much appriciated by Ron! I'm glad that Harry was able to help the elves and give dear Dumbles clothes! Luckily he can't get anymore elves right now with his cash flow problem! The picture of him scrounging for loose change on the floors was priceless! Pity that couldn't be seen either before or after a board meeting! Rita would have it on page one! The descriptions of the new sabers was great, and I paticularly liked Remus's crystal. It's a good way of dealing with something that has caused him so much pain. I like Tonks and Luna's styles. Isn't Makashi Dooku's specialty? If so, I suspect he'd be suprized by those two practicioners! Luna's duo sabers are fantastic, and I wonder how many of her fellow students will plan on a future pair after Voldy's dealt with? One of the saddest and most moving parts of the story that I've read was what happend to Bitty. I think that the response of Harry and the others was perfect. Malfoy to make a run at Harry's money; is he just greedy or trying to buy Voldy's forgiveness? As for the whole " Dumbles performing a dark ritual"
crap well, he should know all about those, shouldn't he! He's the idiot who wanted to be SIC to a sociopathic madman. He'd recognise one ten seconds into the meeting! Harry's talk with his future inlaws was hilarious, and if Dumbles did rip off James and Lily's rings and other possessions I hope they can be recovered at some point. Dumbles seems to be a petty theif like Dung! I trust that he had quite the inteview with Amelia and possibly Moody! Pity they couldn't a chance to set Snape up for a similar situation; Amelia would love to have him anserwing questions! No doubt it would solve several cold cases that both Dumbles and Voldy were involved with. Moody would be jumping with glee, just as he did for the training devices......are the Aurors cursing his name once again? Come to think of it, foreign Auror agencies might start asking Moody where he found those devices and asking for the connection. Maybe Harry, Stokes, and Moody could set up a buisness after the war! The meeting with Amelia and the Queen was also well done, and it was nice to see two strong women who are willing to face the necessity of what needs to be done, but not forgetting the innocents who have been harmed. Unlike Dumbles and Voldy they know what it is to be a leader, and what the cost might be. Dumbles and Voldy would rather rule and pass the cost on to others, and if innocents suffer well it's nothing to them. I can't wait to see that pair and they assorted minions get their well earned reward! By the way, I hope Fawkes has a lovely Spring Break with Luna and recovers more from the Lemon Drop Menace! Thanks again, and I'm sorry about the extra long review! YOu've written such a great story that I can't help it! :)

Author's response

Heya, Teresa!

As I see it, the only real difference between Dumbledore and Voldemort is that Voldemort keeps his BS up front.

I love the evil overlords list!

Dumbledore's current behavior is because he's unused to having anyone question him and now, he's taken blows financially, politically and to his influence. He's trying to regain his lost influence, but with Harry &Co, always two steps ahead of him, he's on the ropes.

The biggest problem is that he still doesn't understand why. Things have gone so well for him for decades, and now, he's suddently unable to cope.

He's also obsessed with recapturing Harry, sacrificing him to eliminate Voldemort, and reestablishing himself as the undisputed ruler of wizarding Britain.

Peeves: He very nearly did!

Snape: I won't be going tn that much detail, unless it's needed for the story, but yeah, he's going to be twitching.

Goblin students: I do hope so, though it will be after this story is done. the goblins would have to severely adjust their attitudes to be Jedi, though.

All the magican species: Eventually, I hope they do.b It won't be in this story though.

Firenze. Ooh! Hard call! On the one side, he's intelligent and dedicated. On the other, he's focused on the stars almost to the exclusion of everything. If perhaps a few foals are trained to understand the other species, then yes...possibly.

Luna's request" I can see Luna asking for something like that. She's so much fun to write!

Dumbley and his elvish problems. Couldn't happened to a nastier piece of work! I'm guessing that unless Dumbledore buys the elf personally, (assuming he can find enough loose change(Now that would be a hell of a picture!(Snicker!)) his problems would remain. If the elves are bonded to the castle, they're bonded to Harry.


~The descriptions of the new sabers was great, and I paticularly liked Remus's crystal. It's a good way of dealing with something that has caused him so much pain.~

I agree entirely, and is a primary reason I included that. It also ties into the final battle.

I see both Tonks and Luna as being Makashi users. It's graceful and elegant and while Tonks is clumsy in non active situations, she's apparently as surefooted as a mule in combat. I also use the rapier and Main gauche so this kind of fighting is not unfamiliar to me.

Duel sabers. Most of the students who stay on, will have to build another lightsaber, as Harry would want them all at least conversant with all the all the major and sub-forms. Most will choose a single style t focus on and another couple for variety, as the Jedi did. Yoda preferred Ataru, as does Dobby, Dooku used Makashi while Palpatine preferred Niman. Obi Wan was expert in Shii-Cho and Soresu but also studied Ataru, while Qui Gon was the other way around.

I hated to do that to Bitty, but with Dumbledore losing his touch and with the way he's been treating the elves since he began it was inevitable one or more of the elves in Harry's circle would be killed.

Harry's eulogy was very much his canon personality. He has a definite goal and Bitty's death only underscores the reasons. Malfoy to make a run at Harry's money; is he just greedy or trying to buy Voldy's forgiveness?~

Yeah, he's a scumbag, but as someone once said, "he's a well qualified scumbag". He's not necessarily trying to buy Voldemort's forgiveness. It's more that he's trying to establish a war chest to use in the conquest of the wizarding world.

Wars cost 'sheckles plenty'.

~As for the whole " Dumbles performing a dark ritual"
crap well, he should know all about those, shouldn't he!~

Basically he's trying to discredit his primary opponent while glomming Harry's gold.

In-laws: I thought it would add some humour to the chapter.

Rings: I can see Dumbledore doing that. He's an avaricious old bastard with a skewed idea of right and wrong. Here, I've made him worse than he was in canon, but only a matter of degree.

Dung: He's gonna spill, but it will be off-screen. It's really not needed for the story. As for Snape, yepper! He's gonna be singing like a canary! It looks like I'm going to have to write a fairly lengthy epilogue.

Moody: Oh yeah! he Auror students are hating everything to do with Constant Vigilance!

The seasoned troops will adapt easily. The cadets dont' know what to expect, so they'll see it as just another kind of training. It's those who've served for years under Fudge, that are having the most trouble.

If Harry does provide the remotes, to the foreign Aurors, it will be on a loan basis, with one individual and a single elf responsible for their maintenance, and both will be oath-bound to keep them secure.

Amelia and Queen: That's always been one of my pet peeves of the military. If a soldier is killed in an action that could bring disfavour on some general, his death is explained away as a 'training accident'. It just makes me sick.

I agree with your assessment of Both Voldemort and Dumbledore. Neither of them gives a rat's arse pbout the innocent's who die in their little pissing contest.

Fawkes is enjoying his time snuggling up to Luna, but I suppose Ron's not particularly happy, as said bird is cramping his style!

Never ever apologize for a long review. I love long reviews. They both give me ideas I might not have seen, and make me think about decisions I've made.

Until next time...