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(#) Cateagle 2011-02-22

I loved the pranks on Dumbles, Snape, and Dung and I hope that Amelia and Shack get all sorts of useful information out of Dung, the better to hang Dumbles with. It's good to see the house elves in Hogwarts having protection beyond what the school can provide (and I have to wonder how Dumbles will take losing command control of the house elves - Snape needs to be the next one removed from the command loop). The service for Bitty was quite moving and I reckon it provided quite a focusing incentive to Harry's people.

I thought Amelia's appointment with the Queen went well, you've got two strong-minded women who aren't about to shirk what needs doing. I suspect this will lead to some other interesting developments when the conflict is over.

The Malfoy's move was a typically underhanded one and I do like Harry's response. Where I think Harry's making a big mistake, though, is not telling Hermione and involving her from the beginning; he'll end up doing penance for that, I'm certain. Meanwhile, I'm certain they'll both enjoy what honeymoon, if any, they do get.

Judging by the fight they staged in Gringotts, the quality of those making their own lightsabers, and the way people are getting examined and promoted, the training is working and even Ron is doing better (methinks Luna has some unique approaches to "carrot and stick" usage, but whatever works). One thought, if Ron's judged too dangerous to take on the mission, perhaps he could take the equally important task of guarding Lavender and the medical support. Lavender is obviously learning a lot but, while I'm certain she can fight, 'twould be better to have a fighter there to help her.

I found the different approaches to evarall lightsaber design to be fascinating and interesting reflections of the persons making the different units. I do wonder, though, how long it'll be before Harry ends up making a second one for two-handed fighting.

Author's response

Heya Cat!

Pranks are lots of fun an Peeves has orders to keep the main targets off balance!

While Amelia&Co. are gonna bleed Dung dry, the details aren't necessary to the story. If Dumbledore proved difficult they might come to light.

Too many writers discount the elves entirely. I see Harry as treating them more as family, and as family, they respond in kind.

I saw a funeral like that in Kenya. The casket passed from hand to hand over about a mile, as all the villagers said god by. I thought it was especially touching.

In war, the innocent are the first to die. Harry's eulogy will indeed focus them on the what, and the /why/.

Amelia and the queen: Queen Elizabeth is one of the few monarchs (and other governmental types, for that matter) that is actually respect. She served with her people in London during the blitz, driving a truck. he could have been evacuated but her family stayed. My maternal grandmother worked with her, and had nothing but nice to say about her.

She was 27 when she took the throne with determination and courage. She' not perfect, but I thinks she's done a great job since.

Other developments: True. The combined machinations of Harry and 'The Ladies', will ensure that even if Harry dies, the wizarding world will continue, but in an upward direction. The stagnation will be a thing of the past.

Underhanded moves: What else would one expect from Malfoy, the very definition of sleazeball. The funny thing is, the law he used is real, and was on the books well into the 20th century. Go figger!

Hermione will be involved in their bonding, and then their wedding, but the engagement dinner is what they were planning. That's usually done without the bride-to-be knowing about it.

Given that the training is going about nine time as fast as it should be, yes. they students are giving their all, and that effort, even with Harry, is telling. their demonstration will set a few seeds to sprouting, hopefully, and in twenty years or so, there might be a Jedi council encompassing all the magical species.

Ron: I tend to agree with Mack. Ron has advanced more than anyone else, but he's still undisciplined. he likes to show off and he takes unnecessary chances, and one day that will cost him.

There will be plenty of people left at the castle. Harry is only taking the twenty five or so best qualified with him. Oh, by the way, Lavender will be coming along as will both Jacoby and Merrifield. They may need medics.

Overall lightsaber designs: I feel that each hilt reflects the character of the individual. That 's the one of the things in Star Wars that I agree with. the hilts seem designed to honor the master, but each is unique to the padawan.

Harry: He hasn't got time to take six days off. Remember, he's training everyone else. I'm going to have him ask one of the force sensitive elves to make him a crystal like his, and the hilt he builds, will be identical to the one he carries. This way he's already familiar with it.

Thanks for the great reviews.

Until next time...