Review for Just a lil' audition ;)

Just a lil' audition ;)

(#) house-of-wolves1 2011-02-23

Killjoy Name: Repo Lover
Age: 18
Likes&Hates : Loves Playing guitar, reading, coffee and Screamo. Hates, homophobhics, People who think there better than everyone else and pink ;)

Personality: Very sarcastic, is proud to be short, shoulder length hair, difficult to tell if its purple or black and has an addiction to converse :)

Extra shtufff: Skilled with knifes, handy with locks, desperate childhood :) Hope to hear it ;)

Author's response

I got a great idea for your character :) it will involve a bar fight. It will be the next chapter for definate :D I hope you will enjoy it :)