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(#) zamia 2011-02-24

G'day mate. Pity no magic around here, just got a new titanium knee myself recently. Found the funeral quite moving, actually bought a tear to the eye. Dumbles will definitely have to pay severely. Liked the pranks pulled by Peeves. Good to see a bit of damage to Snape & Dumbles. Isn't Harry starting to keep to many secrete, firstly from Nev & now Hermione. Anyhow looking forward to the wedding. Cheers.

Author's response

G'day Zamia!

Lucky bastard! Mine was smashed into seven pieces by Mr. I-Hate-America, but the doctors just casted it and let it heal on it's own.

I hate funerals. I've attended far too many, so I make the ones I write as expressive as I can. That particular funeral was based on one I saw in Africa, and like you said, it brought me to tears.

Dumbley will the worst possible way.

Peeves: Hey! It was an accident! Yeah! That's right! An accident!

Harry is keeping some secrets. Unfortunately one is due to operational security, and the other is tradition. When I proposed to Pauline, she had no clue what I was up to.

Wedding: The bonding will take place in the castle, with Amelia presiding and 'The Ladies' and the rest of the crew as the witnesses. the formal marriage ceremony will take place after the story is over.

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