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(#) twilliams1797 2011-02-24

I can see DD and Snape going Royal Postal when the simplest things the elves do for them are not done..
no food, no clean clothes, no tidy rooms, no..anything.. the elves are an integral part of Hogwarts and without them you are in a 9th century castle fending for yourself..
I can see either of them using imperious or other inappropriate methods to get service.
"Your detention today is to scrub all my underwear!

I do have a question, though, is all the training and naming of the styles and methods SW canon or is this your creation?
I am not familiar with the SW universe other than the movies, and I read one book twenty years ago, but I don't really remember it.

as always, Enjoying this story. I look forward to your updates


Author's response

Heya Tim!

Dumbledore will throw a tantrum, as he depends on the elves for nearly everything, but as you saw during Christmas, Snape thinks the elves are spying for Dumbledore, so he keeps them from getting too close.

~"Your detention today is to scrub all my underwear!

EWWWWWW! indeed!

Your Question: The training and names of the styles is expanded universe, and can be found in Wookiepedia. I used to read Star Wars but haven't had the time since my wife died.

Alan Dean Foster, Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole and Keven Anderson, are among those authors I feel to truly excel, but all of them are very very good.

I believe Zahn developed the styles of lightsaber combat, but I'm not certain.

Thans for the nice review.