Review for Get Me Outta My Head

Get Me Outta My Head

(#) cup-full-of-blood 2011-03-04

It's amazing as usual and i really cant wait for more but i have to say, the lyn-z thing was a bit confussing at the start. It seems to be dragging abit.

I really want there to be some sort of frerard action, not hot of course...yet lol but something cute cuz the suspence is killing me. i love this and i just know that it will be great, i just wish you could pleaseeee pleaseee put some frerard stuff in it quickly. It's killing me XD
xx coz

Author's response

Well in the begining she was in sort of the after life, the black parade, then she came back to Earth because the doctors were trying to save her. She was watching because she was still dying. When they finally saved her, her soul was taken back to her body.
Oi, I think that made everything more confusing. But I hope that helped?
The Frerardness wouldn't be for a while, a couple chapters at least.
I working on it!