Review for Audition To Be In Lonely

Audition To Be In Lonely

(#) KJLucidLove666 2011-03-04

Name: Delilah Groo
Nickname: Dee
Character you want to play:Anybody though I don't mind being someones girlfriend :)
Personality: Quiet, until you get to know me! I love being hyper and making jokes to make people laugh. I don't like prissy stuck-up people, I tend to be rude to them and/or tell them to fuck off. . . as you can tell I sometimes have anger issues too. . .
Apperence: 5'8" Dark brown hair that's cut in a shaggy cut, straight though. Hoodies and skinnies are my favorite clothes, along with high-top sneakers, either black or purple.
Favorite Food: Pillsbury Cresants
Favorite School Subject: Science, Art, Music
Fav Band: Smashing Pumpkins