Review for Auditions


(#) SkittlesObsessions 2011-03-17

first off : frigging love Nick and Norah's infinite playlist xD sorry just had to say that :D

Name~ : Lea

Age~ 18, feel free to change.
Appearence~ black hair down to chest with golden brown highlights, naturally curly. Brown eyes, 5'6, slender, tan skin. Lip ring. wears mostly just eyeliner.

Personality~ outgoing, expressive, honest, humorous, perverted, go with the flow kind of person. Sarcastic. Sort of a flirt.

Sexuality~ female & straight, but all for gay rights.

How You Would Act~ Sarcastic, eager, enthusiastic.

How You Wouldn't Act~ slutty, goody two shoes-y.

Who You Want To Be~ Bob's gf!