Review for Auditions


(#) ShannonThePirate 2011-03-18

name: Shannon
age: 15 (can be changed)
appearance: 5'4" hazel/green eyes, pale, black choppy shortish hair (nearly down to my shoulders) with a fringe that covers my eyes, i usually wear my hair messy or strait but sometimes i spike the back
personality: hyper, random, loving towards my friends and new people i meet :) sometimes i'm paranoid, as in oh-my-god-everyone-is-a-terrorist-and-they're-all-out-to-get-me-type-paranoia :/
sexuality: bi-smexual :L
how i'd act: i drink a shit load of coffee and redbull ('cuz i'm addicted lol) so i'm hyper all the time, i'm random. i say random stuff at random times, i play xbox and watch south park, scuzz or kerrang when i'm bored. I love horror movies and i'm terrified at spiders, heights, injections but not needles or piercings.
how i wouldn't act: i wouldn't go collecting spiders, kicking dogs, bitchslapping randomers, wear orange make up and dress like a prostitute, or any thing like that
character: one of the 2 friends