Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) sargentaaron2004 2011-03-28

Very good chapter!

Adding Star Trek items into the fray? The Vulcan Lythette. Your sci-fi knowledge is impressive.

I hope Nagini keeps her word with Harry... I like the idea of turning Nargini against Voldamort.

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Author's response

Heya Sarge!

Thank yeeewww!

Star trek: Just that one. I was writing the wedding scene and suddenly Luna appeared with Fawkes riding on her shoulder, playing the Lytherette. Since I'd built one as a teen, I knew it could be done, so I did.

Knowledge: I'm nearly fifty and have been involved in Science Fiction since was ten.

Nagini: She's a product of her environment, so I decided to give her an out. This decision was actually made sometime last year, although at the time, I had intended having Harry convince her to convince Voldy that Harry would be in a place he could be captured. After some thought, I decided the logistics of that were far and above what I wanted so I slimmed it down.

Thanks for the review.