Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) no-one 2011-03-29

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I felt like a kid on Christmas when I seen that you added the new chapter. As always the chapter is written beautifully, and the story is flowing exceptionally.
The only question I have is: Should the invitation have read LORD HARRISON JAMES POTTER, LORD BLACK, LORD GRYFFINDOR since he is Lord of the Black house as well?

May your muse stay by your side thru everything you write.

Author's response

Hello, No-one.

You are quite welcome. I'm so happy to see you like your present.

Invitation: Actually, no. When someone holds two or more, titles, the one with supremacy is generally used. For instance, Harry's proper title in this story, is Harrison James Potter, Lord Potter, Black, Gryffindor. Duke of Anglesy, Duke of Lincolnshire, Duke of Orkney and the Hebrides.

A bit wordy, that. Since Gryffindor is the highest-ranked title, he'd be referred to, as Lord Gryffindor.

Muse: She's playing games, just now, but I think she'll stick around.