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(#) Disruptor 2011-03-29

Some more students have passed to the Padawan level with the construction of their own lightsabers.

Looks like Ron will go the way of Rosh Penin with the way Luna is acting. Fall and then get his arm chopped off to teach him humility.

Beltane? I've heard that, but I have no idea when or what it is other than what you have posted.

Minarud is having Rita's expanse. Seems like someone is chasing Minaurd and he's avoiding weddings because of it.

Harry still knows how to keep Rita in line..

Now Cissy gets a taste of Voldie's maddness with cruicio.

I wonder how much angrier Harry can make Dumbles. ^_^

Snape knew what to to survive with the bottle switching.

“Arrogant bastard! Just like his father!”
Snape's standard insane rant against Harry. Harry needs to give Snape some more pain and headaches.

Dangerous ground their Harry teasing Minerva like that.

The Dursleys? Dudley is really improving. Petunia seems to be at least somewhat redeemable.

Nice threat there Jedi.

Is granite really that dense? I think of Osmium and depleted Uranium.

I wonder if Ollivander will move into the Jedi enclave. The guy is aincent and knows quite a bit. The druid priestess was able to identify Ollivander right off. The druids must have a lot of respect for the old wand maker.

An odd insturment for an odd girl. Fitting though. Not as odd as the laser insturments at COSI. Break the beam and you get a har sound or a drum sound.

Helen seems to be stabalizing.

Interseting ceremony. No real comments on that.

The Force ghosts caught everyone off guard. I wonder what Ollivander will think of Yoda showing up like that.

Petunia is not completly lost. She was tormented by Snape when they were both children.(I know the horrid books, but still it give a reason) She does care for Dudley. That might be the wedge that breaks Dumble's compulsions.

Dangeous situation there you woke up to Dudley. ^_^ At least Dudley will soon learn what his cousing has been doing. Those two should be brothers, since they grew up together. At least Dudley is free of Dumble's control and is turning himself around.

There goes Dumbles on a rant of Harry not being a good little puppet. And now Voldie is helping Dumbles out to get rid of Amelia.

Now the Jedi hit their first full on mission. Poor Eric Munch. Still he gave Amelia time for the Jedi to arrive.

Amelia is trusting Tommy-boy to torture the failed Death Eaters and not question the survivors a bit too much, but okay. Or maybe counting on that the Deez won't say anything to portray them in a worse light.

15 dead, 7 wounded POWs, 8 fled(1 of them was killed, so 16 dead)

The dangerous balancing act of a guriella war(Barty Crouch's exteme methods being one side)

PTSD/PTSS might be the reason Revan, Malak, Anakin, and so many others fell to the dark side. I hope Susan feels better later.

Sanpe deserves a lot more pain.

I think the ladies will be voting Dumbles out of office and they can use what happened to Helen as the excuse, although it is really to secure the ministry against the threat of Dumbledore. Amelia now knows the biggest hole in the defenses and needs to close it.

Nagini. At least the snake is thinking things over and has decided that Harry might have the better alternatives. Heck with the ways soos are now, nagini will be in a comfortable place and not worry about food and just have people gape at her. If Harry survivies, I can see that he might be a regular visitor to the London Zoo to check up on nagini. I wonder if Nagini will lay eggs there.

Nice chapter.

Author's response

Heya Disruptor!

Although I'm not using the term 'Padawan', They all have. I can see the advancement from Soresu to Ataru to be a clear step toward Knighthood, and so, if it were me, I'd pick that point to entrust them with real weapons.

Hey, is me! (Grins.)

Ron future has already been written and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Beltane is one of eight celebrations in the Druidic (and pagan) faiths. Each is about six weeks from the last. Beginning at the Winter Solstice onj Dec 21/22, you have Imbole, on Feb 1-2, the Vernal equinox at around Mar 21, Beltane which is May first, the Summer solstice on June 21/22, Lughnasadh on August 1, and Samhain (hallowe'en)on Oct 31-Nov 2.
Beltane is a celebration of life and usually symbolizes the end of winter and the beginnings of spring.

Minuard 1: Not really. He's doing a difficult and wearing job, and like most military, he takes his entertainment where he can find it.

Minuard 2: Possible, but I hadn't considered it. When I was with the MC a lot of guys were getting married. We made up that joke, but oddly enough it turned out to be pretty accurate.

Rita: What better way than the threat of vivisection to keep someone in line?

Cissy: What can I say. Voldemort is an equal opportunity psychopath.

Dumbley: Actually, I'm hoping to see him pop a vein.

Minerva: What? It was a perfectly accurate statement. (Snickers)

Dudley and Petunia: See below.

Snape 1: First and foremost, Snape is out to protect himself. He may believe in the blood purist rhetoric, but his only real loyalty is to himself.

Snape 2: Quite honestly, in Canon, Snape and Petunia deserve each other. Both hate Harry for his parents, and neither one can let go a grudge that should have died years before.

Threat: See vivisection.

Of the natural minerals Granite is one of the most dense. Osmium is very rare and rather expensive, and uranium, depleted or not is both rare and radioactive.

When one sees Granite, the first thought is usually "Rock! Hard!"

Ollivander: He's already living there, since the second of October.

It's more the Druidess has a profound respect for the Calaquendi, and Ollivander represents them. Both the Pagan and Druidic traditions are very much in tune with the earth and as such, they would naturally revere the high elves.

Odd Instrument: Well, yes, but I can see her playing it. It's just odd enough it would attract her attention.

Helen: Fortunately, Helen was reached immediately...before the trauma begin eating at her. with the comfort and protection of the Jedi, the families and her parents, not to mention Lorelei, she has a better than even chance to recover without any lingering effects.

Ceremony: As I said, I took it from the net and modified it a bit to incorporate the magical aspects.

~The Force ghosts caught everyone off guard. I wonder what Ollivander will think of Yoda showing up like that.~

"Shit, Gollum! You got fat!"

Seriously though, I'd imagine Ollivander is wise enough to accept the force ghosts. He explained to Harry back in October that he was well aware of the Star Wars movies.

Petunia: While she has shown some regrets, she was an adult and as an adult, she should have taken care of her sister's son like a normal human being would. Instead, she heaped her jealousy and hatred for her dead sister on the shoulders of a child and IMO, there's no excuse for that. While she might show some tears, she still has to atone for her actions. (I have a lot of issues from my own childhood and when I saw the first movie, her attitude really brought it back. (See PTSD, below))

Dudley: He's OK. They both woke up understanding they'd done nothing to be ashamed of.

And you're right. In fact, his change of attitude is a major thread in his story. Once the filling was gone, his reversal, was on his own, and it was because he understood that what he'd been doing was plain wrong, and wanted to correct it.

Neither Petunia nor Vernon has accepted that yet.

Oh by the way, the compulsions have been removed. I'll detail that in the second to last chapter.

Dumbledore and Voldemort both believe thy are the smartest thing since Newton, that nobody can possibly be as smart as they are and ergo cannot figure out their wonderful plans.

See rule number 12 in 'The Rules For Evil Overlords'. Always have a five year old on staff. If that kid can find a hole in your plan, scrap it.

Eric: I really didn't like killing him off, but he was basically written as a disposable character. If nothing else, he died saving someone's life. I can't imagine a better way of dying. If he had a family (and I'm not certain I'm going to give him one) I'd imagine they'd be proud he was willing to sacrifice himself for the real 'greater good'.

Amelia: Not really. She knows her enemy. Voldemort is not known for having a sense of humour. Through the war-years, she's learned enough to know that Tommy doesn't take failure well. Harry has given her enough information that she knows Voldy will torture first, torture second, torture some more and then ask questions if there's anybody left alive.

~15 dead, 7 wounded POWs, 8 fled(1 of them was killed, so 16 dead)~

I'd say they done good!

"Balancing: And yet, it can be long as there are people willing to take the responsibility for their actions. Barty gave Carte Blanch, Amelia has given increased authority but also the requirement to act properly while using that authority.

It's like this. When I was a police officer, I had the authority to shoot people...but I had to ensure everybody and their cat understood it was absolutely necessary.

Susan: Like every warrior, she will either face her terrors or fall to them. She has an advantage, actually. Having grown up with the head of the DMLE, she is more than used to the mindset of a soldier. that can only help. That she's got her extended 'family' (and her lovers) around her will also help.

I also have PTSD, though mine is manageable. Oddly enough, it was the abuse I lived through as a child that made it not so bad. Weird, huh?

Snape 3: He's got mucho pain coming in the very near future. In fat, for the rest of his miserable existence he'll be wishing he was with the Dark lord again.

The Ladies: It's a done deal. They suspect his was involved with the attempt to murder Amelia, but he's damn good. They' can't prove anything. However, in terms of his positions, he's actually cut his own throat. He's neglected his responsibilities for far too long and with his removal from the school, his other positions are gone forevermore. His strike at Amelia was a last ditch, and rather desperate attempt to recover his authority. Since Augusta is the only one left who can make such a portkey, it q would be simple to regulate that ability.

Dumbledore had everything but because he got careless, Harry has taken away /everything/, he had, one item, one glory, one bit of influence at a time.

I took the idea From John Steinbeck's short story 'Flight', which struck a deep chord in me many years ago.

Nagini: Nagini is an interesting character. No viper that I'm aware of is that large, so it's clear to me that she's been tampered with. As such, she is most likely sterile, and if not corrupted, at least unique. It's a shame she'll die alone in a zoo, but like Harry said, she was never meant to be there. All she could look forward to on her own, would be death.

Thanks for the loverly review.