Review for The Hardest Part Is Sleeping Through Your Dreams [RE-WRITTEN]

The Hardest Part Is Sleeping Through Your Dreams [RE-WRITTEN]

(#) cup-full-of-blood 2011-03-30

oh my god this is agenius lol well done this deserves a round of aplause
cheers claps
XD this is really great for a 2AM story i think it is amazing and really funny and cute and original and hot and wow i talk to much XD
lol but yeah i liked that mikey was trying to solve it so he could get some sleep aww i love mikey
and i love the fact that you had gee in his skelenton pajamas haha ALL HAIL SKELENTON PAJAMAS!!!! GEEE PLEASE BRING THEM BACK
he should soo wear them on stage haha awww
and i absoloutly loved this bit

Mikey was awoken by the familiar groans, only this time, he realised in horror, they were coming from the same bunk.
“Eeewww!” Mikey whimpered, pulling the duvet over his head in disgust.
He’d have preferred the dreams...
haha soo funny XD and this bit
“Seriously, you’re a fucking legend, Ray! Where would I be without you?”
“Umm…electrocuted by the toaster?” Ray grinned teasingly.
classs and finally i loved this bit too
“A great white shark landing on the tour bus wouldn’t wake you up!” Mikey snapped
haha made me laugh i just love all of it :D i dunno what to rate it ;p hmmmmmmm maybe funny :)
anyway i think i should rate it now lol bet you cant beat this review XD
xx coz

Author's response

awww, thank yooooou! :D yeah, i wanted to do something with Mikey- i got the idea for this when my sister told me i'd been saying My Chemical Romance in my sleep three nights running and she was starting to get pissed off as she sleeps in the room next to mine lol...okay, so it's not that similar to this story but it's where i got the idea xD poor Mikey haha! awww, you quoted bits from the story too- i LOVE it when people do that haha xD glad you liked it, it was certainly fun to write haha and thank you sooooo much for reviewing- as i've said many times before, i freakin love your reviews! lol xD
wow, that was a really long (and awesome!) review...i think it's beaten all of mine for your stories so far :O just wait til you next post something...i'll try and beat your review then hehehe xD though it's not gunna be easy...:P
okay, i'm gunna shut up now! thanks for reeeading :D

CosmicZombie xo

p.s. yes, ALL HAIL THE SKELETON PJs!! they are sooo awesome- you're right, he should wear them onstage xD