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(#) Wonderbee31 2011-03-30

Well done chapter here, really enjoyed it as a whole, with special moments all around, including: That scene with Nagini, it was great to see her and Harry ale to have a chat, as well as show that as a magical creature, she's not all crazy kilL! like Tom is, though it makes me almost feel sorry for Tom in a way, and wonder if he'd have had a better chance if Dumbledore had been more than a halfway decent person? I loved the wedding, especially Luna and her mad skillz, though you know, if you ever do a full cross, it'd be great to see Trek brought into the fray. I've been watching Trek since near the end of the original run, so let's have a Trek-off one day LOL.

Good to see Rita brought to heel but good, and got to say that Dumbledore keeps getting free moments, but can see the noose slowly gripping 'round his neck. Glad to see Amelia survive this, and got to wonder, in some Harry goes back in time fics, wouldn't it be interesting to see him and the fiery red-headed 'Puff named Amy Bones hook up LOL. i've got to keep that on the back burner or give it up for adoption. Have a good one.

Author's response

Heya Wonderbee!

Thank yeeeewww! Though it was difficult to wrestle into readable form, I enjoyed writing it.

Nagini: I suppose JKR doesn't like snakes. All of the bad guys in her 'verse are snaky. (Wonder what the bad guy would have been like had she disliked Owls?) In this case, I can see Nagini as a magically mutated status symbol that Tom created for himself. As a creature with a functioning brain, I can see her as wondering if she was gonna get out of this with her skin attached...and why.

Tom: We are of a mind here. While I cannot have much sympathy for him, I wonder how much influence Dumbledore had, and how much Dumbledore influenced him. For inductance, given that the magical community was so small, how was it Riddle was never discovered by the ministry? According to the pile of pages released in '06, Dumbledore's father went to prison for attacking some muggles who should have been beaten soundly by everybody they knew for beating up a child. If they intervened then, why didn't they do so many years latter when a magical child was placed in a muggle orphanage?

My conclusion...Dumbledore kept it from happening. By '26 he'd already seen the direction Grindelwald was taking, and so, needing weapon to help fight him, or to distract him, he arranged for Merope to drug Tom, Jr. Potions and Alchemy are not that far removed.

(Don'tcha just love plot-holes?)

The wedding was one of several I fund on the web, so I can't take credit for that. I just tightened it up some, and included magic into the mix.

The Lytherette just happened. I don't know why. I was wondering what kind of music I should include. Should I have a choir of students and singing toads...Naaaah, that was stupid! Anyway, I was wondering if I should have someone playing an instrument and as I make guitars as a hobby, that idea popped to mind. But it was too normal. That's when Luna just danced onto my desk playing the Vulcan Lytherette and said: "This will work!"


Are you certain you want to do a Trek-off?
I started watching Star Trek back in '67, and I read the very first Trek-novel, 'Spock must Die, by James Blish, when it came out in 1970, Since then I've read probably three hundred of them. I have built several dozen models including a flying Enterprise and have built a working tri-corder.

By the way: Who were the Jeffries tubes named after and what was his contribution to both the show and to our society as a whole?

Rita has been forced to understand that she's in as solid a prison as any made of stone and steel. Harry will let her go...eventually, but for the time being, she will behave!

Amelia: I couldn't let Amelia die. Her's was one of the most useless deaths in the series. Unfortunately, Rowling never went into the effects her murder would have on Susan.

The only one who can't see that rope is Dumbledore himself.

Permit me an evil chuckle here, please.

That is an outstanding idear! Please, do not put it up for adoption!

Here is a challenge. Write that. You are one of my more in-depth reviewers, so you obviously have the skills. Let's see if you can turn a wonderful idea into a readable story.

Hoping to