Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) annabel-lee 2011-04-04

Every time I read a chapter of yours I always want the next one. Is that an unhealth addiction? LoL. Please update soon! And I hope that it fixed your toothache, it would suck if it didn't and you were speech impaired for nothing.

Author's response

haha no i would say that is a OMFG MAKE ME FEEEL SOO GREAT ABOUT MY WORK addiction and its not a bad one haha XD
awww i think its sweet thanks thats really a nice thing to say your making me smile like crazy now hehe
hehe i will lol
and yeah it did lol thanks for asking
it wore off after a couple of hours, my mom and bros were laughing at me :( lol so i'm glad its over i would of hated it if i had it at school lol
xx coz