Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) emocutter91 2011-04-11

oooooh have fun camping:) ill be waiting patiently.... Maybe.... starts grinding teeth if i can.... tapping fingers on table and taps foot on tile ..... Yeah i totally wont be waiting patiently, ill be tossing and turning waiting for an update! But ill be singing your praises when you return (like I'm not already just coz I can re-read everything???) I like alice as mikeys girlfriend, but random chicks are cool too :) have fun xoxoxoxo

Author's response

awww thanks and yeah lol i get like that with stories i like lol XD hehe its nice to know you like my story though :)
hehe so thanks soooo much i'm really glad you like my story :)
i will try my best i will hopefully write some there if i have free time hehe i cant wait i have never been camping >.<
so i hope i will
chaowwi chaz
chazom xx