Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) xomcrxo 2011-04-11

>_> i wana Mikeys girlfriend. XD
O.O my name is Alleena, enough said. XD
you dont have ta, up to you lol :P
AND i love all your stories! Especially this one! :D Keep up the good work, and please be back soon >.<
i cant survive without fanfics XD


Author's response

hehe lol awww your eager XD
and i have a lot of people asking so i will sort that out when i come back from camping :D
i wil probs do first come first serve or sumin
awww thats really nice hehe thanks hehe i will unless the wierd perverted bert look a likes come after me o_O actually woudn't be to bad haha
hehe lol i will do my best to get the next one up asap
chaowwi chaz
chazom xx