Review for Welcome to the Black

Welcome to the Black

(#) Kid_Vicous 2011-04-12

You delated Keep Running? Failure. I was sad. If the writing is good and the story is good then you should always keep writing, no matter if no one reads it.

There is no other word for it. This story is awesome. The writing is decent again, you adjust your style very well in order to write from a teenage girl's POV. It's a very original idea as well. Promise me you'll stay the course with this one, I want to watch it grow!

Author's response

I know, I felt a bit like a sell out when I deleted it, but I guess I just feel like I'll enjoy writing this one so much more.

Awsome, eh? Thanks so much, it means a lot coming from you! (No offence intended). Thanks so much for reviewing and, once again, sorry about keep running. Cheers :)