Review for Auditions for my new story!

Auditions for my new story!

(#) zany 2011-04-16

your name: Jo

your appearance: Blonde chin-length "bob" cut(which often looks like bed-head in the back), 5'4, REALLY pale, slightly curvy. Often write "Sempre essere si"('always be yourself' in italian) on my left forearm. Often wear smudged eyeliner.

your style and what you tend to wear: Skinnies(dark blue or black), band tees(like the used, green day, misfits and so on) or plain black/white ones, sometimes tend to add some color, zip-up hoodies sometimes and to end it with, grey combat boots or converse, black/red ones or red ones.

your likes/dislikes: Like: Music, skittles, coffee, Doctor Who, dogs, reading, drawing, singing, playing piano/guitar, comics, writing and music stores.
Dislike: Needles/shots, allergies, people who makes others do their work, homophobes, Justin Beiber, snakes, depression.

your general personality: Don't really go up to a random person and say hi, but once I get to know the person, I don't hesitate on talking to him/her. I may have a vary colorful mind and ideas, and I'm not really afraid of saying them out loud, unless they're so wierd that I ask myself "WTF?!". I might care more about others more than myself, and sometimes I can be a bit naïve about someone. Not the kind of type that would walk around and harass people and bully them, I'm pretty nice. Handle pressure and stress pretty well, but hey, everyone has their breakdowns. I can sometimes be a dork and then nobody can stop me....

anything else you think would help me to portray you as a character: Get sick quite alot.. I sometimes get stuck on a specific topic regarding books(like atm, it's fallen angels). I can easily remember wierd and random things about people and stuff. I sometimes get wierd ideas, like a clone machine that runs on water. I'm really good at measuring things with only my eyes. Got a slight OCD thing, things must be on a certain place and most things have to be even. I spend a huge part of my allowence on pencils and books. I love my MP4-player.