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(#) Disruptor 2011-04-17

Hm. Agusta tried to remove all access, but Amelia saw there were some uses for the exemption. I think that Portkey Agusta made will probably be the only exemption and be part of the office of Head of the Wizengamot.

Can Susan recover from her first forray into killing? At least Harry knows that no everyone is cut to be a soldier.

Ironic. Ron is borderline on going Sith and the colors of the blades of Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd, and Ulic Qel Dorma were all orange. Ron's favorite color is orange. His temper is going to get the better of him and lead to his destruction.

Not a pleasent session for Helen, but neccesarry. Needs to geta computer and get Doom or Doom II on it and then use the invincibilty and weapons cheats for anger management.

Funny prank that Mrs. Granger pulled. ^_^

Now Harry and Lavender meet up with Alice Longbottom. Dumbley is going to have more of his reputation shredded by the time this is over. Hm. I guess Alice wasn't too divorced from the non-mag world if she knows what Star Wars is and can laugh at the 'Wizard fo Oz' refrence. At least Alice understands the need to keep quiet about her condition to Neville

Ah, a nice barfight for Harry and Mack to bond over. Nice to see another pankster in Alexi Smirnov and Sarge. I have a feeling that bar of Sarge's is going to be nice meeting place for Aurors and other mags and those who know of the magical world.

Ah yes time to come up with a way to keep Dumbles' magic down until his magic is gone.

Now for the hard choice of the 25 who will go on the mission with Harry. I can guess a few.

Hermione, Mack, Remus, Tonks, Luna, Neville, Fred, George

Lavender as you hinted will be going along as well to protect the MASH unit that Harry will be setting up.

That was a surprise for the Jedi having the Queen show up.

Oh? A three front blitz? Suicide. Only China, India and one other country, whose name I forget(Turkey maybe?), has the manpower to pull that off. But then again those three countries have more than half the world's population divided amongst themselves.

So, Harry has two more votes on the Wizengamot with the death of those two Deez.

Now Voldie if going for a four prog attack? He's gone beyond insane.

Yep. It looks like Ron is heading for his own destruction.

The corruption in Congres? Well, I have gone to quite a bit and know what you are talking about.

Author's response

Heya, Disruptor.

Yeah, I needed a way to get the Deez in to the ministry, and then a way to keep term out. Augusta will keep her portkey, but only her. Since it was a safety precaution, she may need it in the future, but she's smart enough to keep it under wraps.

I'm still working on Susan. I can tell her to stay behind or have her convince harry she's capable of going on. Either way will need an explanation.

Ron: Ron truly wants to help. In this fic, he is in no real danger of turning Sith, but he is jealous, hot headed and tends to act without thinking...and that is what's gotten him into trouble in the past and will in the future.

Exar Kun, Freedon Nadd, and Ulic Qel Dorma: I didn't know that. I always thought all Sith blades were red.

Helen: Well, there's an idear!

Prank: Well, i told my daughter's first date to homecoming "You have 28 bones in each hand. I can break all but six on a side without a hammer and I have a hammer."

Alice: Dumbley's rep is gonna be mud.

I think it's all in the attitude. I can easily see Bill and Charley Weasley taking their dates to the movies on a Friday night. Why not other purebloods? In fact, the blood purest faction is only about three percent of the population. Not much, really.

Understanding: Yeah. She does. Frank was in a bucolic environment, and so was thinking of family first. Alice was at least minimally aware of the outside world, and I believe could reason it out better. She might also be the senior Auror in their family. Never can tell.

Bar-fight, pranksters, Alexi and Sarge: Yeah, yeah and yeah. And I can see the Aurors hanging out there when the statutes are toned down. A cop is a cop.

Keeping Dumbley contained,will actually be a three pronged attack. Hermione's magic suppressors are only one part.

The 300...erm the 25: Right on most. I originally hadn't intended for Mack to go along, as he is non-magical, but I'm rethinking my position. With his control of the force, he'd be an exceptionally valuable asset.

Lavender. Not really. I had harry ask her that to make her realize that she could take a life in the event of a life-threat to her patients. If I have Lavender go along at all, and I really hadn't intended to, it will only be to stabilize any wounded and then ship them home for treatment. Harry wants to keep this as tight as possible, and the more people involved, the more chances for a disaster.

The Queen: Harry cares for his people. Having the Queen there showed them that she appreciated their efforts. Many times in the sandbox, I wished the Prez or Veep would come out and see what kind of trouble they'd made for us. Mebby tell us they appreciated our sacrifice. 'Course, at the time, Ronny Ray-gun was in office. (Le Sigh!)

Voldemoert sees himself as invincible. (That, and he's so wasted on some really good shit, man!) Despite the evidence, he can't see himself losing.

~Now Voldie if going for a four prog attack? He's gone beyond insane.~

Yupper. He's jumped straight to 'stupid'.

Votes: Naah. They're minor lines. the Wizengamot is only fifty seats and most of them are the really senior families.

Ron(again): Yup. Unless he learns to control those reactions. (how likely is that?)

Don't get me started on Congress! Buncha goddamned former officers that have never had to work a day in their lives!

(OK, I'm off my soapbox.)

Until next time...