Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Phyrric 2011-04-17

I thought this was a good wrap up chapter and look forward to the final battle in the next. As for corruption in Congress there are plenty of better items then tobacco and alcohol to point out. Things like Charles Rangel committing tax fraud or Geithner a known tax cheat being put in charge of the Treasury. It is so frustrating that if you have power you can get away with things that would get "normal people" fired or put in jail.

Author's response

Heya Phyrric.

The next to the next actually. I have two more chapters to go, and then a short wrap-up.

Congress: I chose Tobacco and Alcohol, because they are two of the most dangerous drugs in the world, and because of the money pumped into congress, nobody does a damn thing about the misery and death they help to create. As you said, there are many other instances of abuse in that group, making laws to screw over the vast majority of the population for the benefit of a few.

Some days I just want to start singing 'Revolution!'

I think the last honest president was Carter, and the last honest congressman was Glenn. (Even though he was an officer!)

Until next time....