Review for Oneshot Auditions

Oneshot Auditions

(#) DangerDays_ 2011-04-18

Your name (or someone else's name): Emma (Ems, Em, any nickname is fine by me :D)

Gender: Female :D

Who you want to be with: Gerard (In his black hair, sort of middle length and messy phase :D)

How you want it to be (like friends with benefits, teacher/student, boyfriend, etc.): Friends who have liked eachother for ages but never told each other and Finally... Well, Dun Dun DUUUUUN ;)

Do you want them to be famous or not: (you don't have to answer this one, it would just make it a little bit easier for me XD) Well, probably not famous would be good

Your style: Of dress? Shorts and leggins with converse and band-tshirts with waistcoats, concert wristbands

Your personality: Bubbly, hyper, crazy and random. I have little sayings (you can make any up that sound crazy xD)

Anything you're comfortable/uncomfortable with: Well, Anal xD erm, apart from that, as-long as it doesn't look like the sex is forced on either one that's fine :D