Review for Oneshot Auditions

Oneshot Auditions

(#) Luckystarz812 2011-04-18

Your name: Julia 
Gender: female
Who you want to be with: Mikey
How you want it be: teacher/student
Do you want them to be famous or not:  not famous
Appearance: Strawberry blonde hair straight, past my shoulders by a bit. I usually wear it in a bun, with a left sidebang too short to stay in a ponytail. Grey eyes. About 5'5 in height and 118lbs in weight. A skull and crossbones tattoo on my left inner forearm  
Style: Cargo pants or jeans, and either a tight tee shirt, or a baggy old tee shirt. Converse. Mesh black fingerless gloves with green stars on them. 
Your personality: Rebellious, obnoxious
Anything you're comfortable/uncomfortable with: I'm fine with anything