Review for Oneshot Auditions

Oneshot Auditions

(#) LgoesBANG 2011-04-19

I think half of mine got deleted...

How I want it to be: Teacher/Student
Shes a senior in highschool (18) and hes the student art teacher back in the old day where he had black messy hair (23)

Do I want them to be famous? Nope, But I would like Frank to be her bestfriend.(hes 18 too) Frank loves her, And is jealous of Gerard so he tries to keep Lindsey and Gerard apart. Gerard flirts with Lindsey a little too much in front of Frank to make him mad.

Style: Colorful Skinnies, Band tees (Altn. bands) and Colorful Chucks. (Always wears a hoodie because she cuts, Only Frank knows she cuts.)

Looks: Hair is short in the back (Spiked up) and long in the front with red bang. Very pale with light grey eyes. 5'8, Very skinny, has razor scars up and down each arm.

Personality: Very shy and quiet around most people but around the few people she's close to she's very loud and hyper and enthusiastic about her art work (she's very good at it)

Comfortable/Uncomfortable: Anal xD
Fine with just about every thing else, kinda into s&m because she likes pain...