Review for Auditions for my new story!

Auditions for my new story!

(#) MidnightWishes 2011-04-19

name: Raven

Appearance: choppy shoulder-length purply red hair. naturally curly, but sometimes straightened, side fringe covering one eye. often wears a skull print bow. pale with smoky black or purple eyeliner. pierced ears and once cartilage piercing. green eyes.

Style and what you tend to wear: black/red/green skinnies or sometimes a black skirt with skull or stripy leggings. band tees (BMTH, while she sleeps, iron maiden, leathermouth ect) always wears black jacket with saftey pins and patches and bracelets round wrists. tattoo round left wrist saying 'like ghosts in snow'.

likes: cats, animals in general, music, songwriting, playing acoustic guitar, anything with sugar, the dark.

dislikes: water, heights, liars, stereotypers, bullies, geography lessons, concentrating, having to do something, homophobes, not knowing things.

personality: sense of humor, stubborn, daring, clumsy, really disorganized, curious, good listener, loyal, daydreamer, intelligent (when wants to be), not afraid to speak her mind.

anything else: i don't get on well with my mum or being told what to do, veggie, is crazy on horror movies (especially the gory ones), loves animals, doesnt cope well under lots of pressure, quite sarcastic. loves BMTH, HIM, Green Day and The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Distaster.

thanks for reading...hope it helps :)