Review for Oneshot Auditions

Oneshot Auditions

(#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-04-19

Your name (or someone else's name): Lacie
Gender: Female

Who you want to be with: mikey

How you want it to be: boyfriend

Do you want them to be famous or
not: however your story goes:) -it doesnt matter

Your style: band shirts and skinny jeans. i guess you can say i have emo hair, but i dont label myself as emo. i have pink streaks and wear eyeliner. i wear studded belts al the time and lots of jewelry. i have blue/grey eyes and black hair, im tall (5'9'')tatoos on wrist that says "love is all, and tattoo on back that says "i am not afraid to keep on living"

Your personality: hyper and loud (or so i've been told), daring, i can easily make people laugh. im always listening to music, and i love skittles and can kick ass at guitar hero. im pretty smart but can be sort of ditzy ://

Anything you're comfortable/uncomfortable with: becoming preppy or bitchy, and anal