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(#) zamia 2011-04-23

G'day mate. You should try living under a minority government who have to try and appease greenies & independants. Nothing is getting done for the worker. Like the song says, "Another day older & deeper in debt". Can expect to see a lot of fertility potions taken over the next couple of weeks. Like seeing Harry take some pranking from his team. I also think the same srategy you used with Hagrid was used before D-Day. If it works, use it. Hope Alice is out of the curse to see the demise of Dumbles. Another good read. Cheers.

Author's response

G'day, Zamia!

We have the same thing here, but the rich get everything and the rest of us have to try to eke out a living on what 'trickles down'.

Here, it seems the established mega-corps are doing everything they can to prevent clean power and efficient use of resources. We pay our teachers, slightly over minimum wage, while city administrators get a quarter million a year, for doing absolutely nothing worthwhile.

We have no reasonable medical system because insurance companies have decided it's less important actually take care of people than it is to ensure their board of directors all get their multimillion dollar bonuses every year. We have to scrimp and save to pay for our kid's college and the military spends money like my late wife.

Same stuff, different local.

OK, the review:

Actually, no. Luna is a seer of potentialities. She saw something that convinced her that what she was doing, was the right thing to do.

Harry understands that all work and no play makes his Jedi students extremely dangerous.

Hagrid: It was a fool-proof way to ensure Voldemort bit.

Alice: She won't be. Her condition is dependent upon Dumbledore's magic and that wont be going away just yet.

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