Review for Ashington


(#) annabel-lee 2011-04-24

Great chapter! And I'm glad that you had a good time in Wales! I've never been to the UK (I'm assuming that's the Wales you mean), my mom thinks if I had a passport my dad and I would run away to another country. LoL right? She's nuts. Any way, what the heck does "ivenganzer" mean? And does Mikey even know Gerard is a vampire? And about your sleeplessness, are you barely sleeping (as in maybe 4 to 1/2 hour(s)) or are you litterally NOT sleeping (as in not even half a minute)? Because I only sleep about 2 to 4 hours a day maximum, and I've been diagnosed with insomnia, and for me anything over a half hour is okay and I feel most comortable at around 3 hours. As long as you aren't tired, you're probably staying within the healthy amount. So don't worry, even if you are tired the only thing I know that make me fall asleep is eating a meal then watching something on tv (I tend to sleep during commercial breaks if I just ate and I'm bored). Have a great day! Update soon!

Author's response

Yes its that wales, or I went to see a real whale? That would be cool lol, ivenganzer means revenge in a language don't know which one might be Spanish and I dont think he does know.
About my sleep, i sleep a tiny bit like from 3 am till like 6am then can't sleep again at all cause i usually have a really bad dream, some nights i don't sleep at all, I seem to become tired but as soon as I get into bed I'm not tired again