Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) zamia 2011-04-25

G'day mate. My family was hit by Gallipoli, ANZAC Day was yesterday(25th). Another unmitigated disaster so all is understood. Good to see Snape finally get his just desserts. Harry should have cast an itching spell on his nose for good measure. Nice to see them starting to clear out the rotten apples. Now all we need is for Dumbles to suffer some pain. If Ron starts whinging, Mack or Remus should just help Ron have a minor accident. Looking forward to the next chapter. Cheers.

Author's response

That sucks. Gallipoli was devastating. My family has been involved in warfare since 1066, (My mother's ancestors, the Howard's and Dodge's were retainers to William the Bastard.)

MY dad's family have bee either soldiers or cops since 1850, in Philadelphia. (Before that, they were highwaymen and pirates.)

Snape: Yupper! He's gonna hate life. II think I'll have someoen give him an artificial hand that only works for three hours of every day...for the rest of his life.

Rotten apples: Check. chapter.

Ron: Oh yeah, he'll whinge, but from a military point of view, he's a loose cannon.

Harry will take steps to prevent his going along.

Until next chapter...