Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) Disruptor 2011-04-26

Lucy you should be worried. You're next.

Nagini came through with her part. The London Zoo's reptile house would have a place that is dry and warm. She'll probably be that tank by herself, since she is a viper. And vipers eat snakes.

Ron is an idiot. I guess that is why he is so often called moRon. Not a single person who has rock tumbling or crystal collecting as a hobby? Corrundum can be flawless and be pretty much any color. Oriental Topaz is orange. Red(Ruby) and Blue(Sapphire).

Yes, Harry you should be uneasy. Ron is so much like Rosh Penin and will be destroyed by his arrogance.

Wow. Harry managed to stun Amelia once more. Harry's plan is sound and does draw Voldie's Deez away from other targets.

Harry's plan of sticking it to Voldie is really nasty.

Cute problem Ron is facing with having to marry Luna.

Moony really needs to get cured of being a werewolf.

I like Abe. He always seems to be the sane brother. I hope Abe gets his house back

Way to maim Snivellus. As to the silver in Remus. Harry can touch the Force and he can force the silver into the inestinal track where it too shall pass. The goose that laid the golden eggs shall be joined by the werewolf who passes silver logs.

I really think Harry needs a visit from Vandar or Thon. Those two would know how to handle finding out something that revolting. And Albus takes another hit.

Regardless of anything else, I have the feeling that the Queen will be presiding over the trials of Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape, since the two of them violated that oath/promise from WWII:

Never Again!

Nice to see Elieen Prince make a reappearance to see the fall of the monster that used to be her son. I wonder what will happen to her portait now. Snape and Albus are really going to have go down hard due to that. I have to give the arressting party respect for holding their tempers.

No Albus, Aberforth didn't betray you. You betrayed him first and kept him down. He is finally getting justice.

Down goes the toad woman and with her goes a lot of other pureblood bigots.

There is nothing worse than a crooked cop. Good riddance to Pius Thickness

Nice marriage that needed to be rushed.

IIRC The Wizard of 4th Street series had some lines that applies to Susan. It was a veteran cop talking to a younger one who was throwing up after seing a murder scene. Paraphrasing badly probably, since I don't want to dig the books out:

"First time? It will get easier to deal with the next time and the time after that. Every cop goes through it. You do it the first time you come across a murder scene and then again if, god forbid, you have to kill someone. If someone dosen't and don't have something in their past that allowed them to look at something like this, other cops would be uneasy around that person. You will look back on this and take pride in the fact that you got sick."

Susan, Mack, Harry, Neville, Luna, Dobby and Remus are the best qualified, since they know death and/or torture of their loved ones. Mack is also a great second in command. Mack is probably going to be the one in charge of the unit until they rejoin Harry.

Mack at least cuts straight through the nonsense and explained why Ron is such a lousy choice. When Harry tells Ron why, he should state that Mack gave good reasons why he wasn't on the assignment. EVERYONE knows Mack is unbiased in training and reccomendations, since he is former SAS. He KNOWS military operations.

Dumbles shows his arrogance once again. The only Order member still loyal to Dummydore is Fletcher and Dumble discared him months ago.

Harry sees the light and removes Ron. Nice chapter. One or two more chapters to go and then the epilogue.

Author's response

Heya Disruptor!

Lucy: It never ceases to amaze me that the Deez would actually want to be the closest man to a psychotic nut-job who delighted in torturing or killing them as often as their enemies.

Nagini is too dangerous to be allowed n a mundane Zoo. Harry intends to ship her off to a magical enclave in some nice warm country.

Ron: He's not as bad as many have made him.

Rock tumbling, (Lapidary, etc) Is a mundane hobby. though most of the students are mugglebornes or half-bloods, they would not likely be interested. I could be wrong.

Ron 2: He's also still lazy. He'd use an established stone and just 'pretty it up'.

Ron 3: Something like that.

Amelia: Given the ideas he's had and the changes she's helped him with over the past year, she shouldn't be amazed at anything he does.

On the other hand, that was a pretty big one.

~Harry's plan of sticking it to Voldie is really nasty.~

Awwww! You guessed it!

Moony. In time. Until then, he can be a li'l puppy again!

Abe: I've seen him played in three different ways. Here, yes. He's the put-upon brother who's mad as hell and ain't gonna take it any more. And yes, magical ability is a vital consideration in wizarding succession. Once Albie is 'squibified' Abe becomes the head of the Dumbledore line. It would be as if he died. If an heir dies, the 'spare' takes over.

~'passes silver logs'~

Good idea! (Snicker!) I honestly hadn't considered going into that much depth, but you do raise a valid point.

Harry, Vander and Thon: I agree. Yoda would have knocked him upside the head with his Gimmer stick saying: "Here you nothing I say? Know you nothing I teach? Never to harm must you use the mental arts!...dumbshit!"

It was also an example of Harry's not being a true Jedi Knight. Remember, he's still a sixteen year old kid with a huge weight n his shoulders.

The Queen: She has already given Harry the authority to deal with this threat to the realm in his own manner. He will make a report, but the actual punishment is his to impose, and he's going to hit Dumbledore where it hurts.

Snape, is a common thug and will be tried as a Death Eater, and sentenced with the rest of the supporters.

Don't worry. His sentence is most disagreeable. I don't want him to die, so I'm sending him to Mississippi State Penitentiary in the maximum security wing.

Can you say: "Bend over, bitch!"

Actually, I have something like that in mind, in the wizarding world.

Eileen Prince: I cant see any parent supporting that kind of monster. Snape is a turd on the bottom of a shoe and desperately needs to be scraped off!

Capture team: It was a close call. I'm writing this and I wanted to see him swing! Children should be revered.

Aberforth: I agree.

Toad-ette. Is another turd that needed to be flushed. Nobody likes that bitch! I think in all of the stories on FF.n, there are only a handful that show her as an actual human being. 'The Real Us' by Seel'vor, is one of my favorites.

Pius: I agree. I did nine years in three different cities, both as a paid officer and as a reserve, and I knew my life depended on the man (or woman) sitting next to me. that is a trust that absolutely sacred.

The first time I had to kill someone, I was called to a domestic disturbance. As we (my FTO and I), arrived, a sargeant's unit turned up. A few seconds later another two units arrived. The Sargent told us to hang back, as the kid inside had some drug problems and he'd deal with it.

That decision cost him his life.

He had just banged on the door when some skinny punk came out swinging a meat cleaver in one hand and a machete, and someone's head in the other. He sliced the sargeant in half...literally, and came after us.

We opened up on him and in ten seconds or less had pumped more than a hundred rounds into him, and this was before cops carried 9mm pistols.

It took one of the older guys jumping forward and putting two shots in his head before he finally fell. He was still swinging.

Inside the house were the bodies of his entire family, three of which were children.

It turned out he was so laced on PCP he never felt the bullets.

I threw up for hours. Every time I thought about it, I vomited again.

It was abut three days later that my FTO had the brilliant idea of getting me shitfaced.

Fiction or not, I think everything that veteran cop said was spot-on. If that younger guy hadn't gotten sick, the rest would have good cause to be more worried about him than about the bad guys.

Don't forget Hermione. I hadn't originally intended to include Mack, but he's proved to be such a good character, I can't leave him behind.

Hermione will be in charge of one unit, Mack, another, Neville, a third, Luna the forth and for outside, it will be Remus, Tonks Fred and George. They'll be dealing with the Werewolves.

Mack is correct. Ron is reckless.

Harry will lay it on the line, but being Harry, he will take the responsibility for his decision on himself.

Dumbledore, the evillest character ever invented.

It wasn't an easy decision for Harry, knowing that his ordering Ron to stay back will kill their friendship, but like his advisers have said, he has to focus on the needs of the team.

One more and then the epilogue.

Until then...