Review for The Wishing Well

The Wishing Well

(#) EtherealSiren 2011-04-30

This really gives the reader a look into the rude awakening that produced the broken Draco Malfoy seen in HBP. In less than fifteen minutes. I think it's a pretty realistic idea of what could have happened.

As to someone rudely rating the story a "Train Wreck", the story is well written and insightful, however from Draco's perspective it really was a train wreck. It's like Draco is happily chugging along when Voldemort vanishes the bridge out from under him and tells him to transfigure the train into a herd of hippogriffs before it crashes in the bottom of the ravine. Unfortunately, Draco seems to have fumbled his wand and forgotten how to transfigure anything.

Author's response

Thank you! I actually had left this site after I saw more than half of my submissions rated negatively. It really hurt my confidence. But seeing your positive review makes me thing that maybe I should give FicWad another try. :)

So again, thanks so much for making my day! hugs