Review for Midnight Watch

Midnight Watch

(#) EtherealSiren 2011-05-01

I really enjoyed reading this story and I hope to see some updates soon. I have never read/seen anything to do with Forever Knight, but I think I'll check it out. I think it's a good crossover because I honestly forgot it was a crossover while I was reading it. These vampires fit well into the HP universe.

Author's response

They do, don't they? I considered this an absolutely ludicrous cross at first, but they meshed so easily and filled each other's holes so well that it just kind of works. I believe NetFlicks has the DVDs, and they're also available on Amazon and ebay. The Chiller channel plays it sometimes as well. I miss FK. The ending sucked, but, as usual, they left a way for everybody to come back in the end. (It's a Fan Law that nobody is ever allowed to die on Forever Knight.) Hopefully, I'll be finishing the next chapter soon. I've had some computer problems (it died) that have prevented me from working on anything.