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(#) Disruptor 2011-05-02

Tough spot for Judith, but at least she understood. And she insulted John Milton whose poem IIRC was about butlers and other servants.

Nice pranking by Hermione with the portkey drop and the comment about his glasses.

I wonder now that Albus has lost his magic, that the Dumbledore family ring will shift to Aberforth and that Aberforth is married and has children, but hidden off out of country to keep them safe from dear ole Albie.

And now the Goblins have proven how big a threat they are to Albie's plans.

tit bit? I always thought it was tidbit.

And Albie proves once again that he's like a televangilist and other loons. Do as I say and not as I do. 700 Club, Oral Roberts, Jack Chick.

I have to respect Harry for staring him in the face and bringing him down.

Greater Good? Call of tyrants everywhere.

I wonder how much more hits the blood box wil deal to Dubles reputation. He's not quite to Koshi the Deathless levels yet(A person so vile that man-eating Baba Yaga of all people helped get rid of him with none of her usual antics)

Luna dealt another blow. I have the feeling that Aberforth will deal the final ones.

Cruel and unusual punishment there.

Nice prank on the twins.

A better wolfsbane? Nice.

And Rita gets more punishment and a trip to a spider infested house.

Poor Luna.

Boy, Voldie is really taking the hits.

And Minaurd is from Greater Hagleton and going to sho up with a sniper team.

I have the feeling that Harry will do something about the gravestone of the Potters and the compulsion charm should disperse on its own.

And Ron proves to be more Rosh Penin than Anakin Skywalker.

And Voldy gets the point and a bunch of Caeg Solais knockoffs have now appeared and ripped aprt the Death Eaters.

Ron's death was quick and pointless and caused needless pain to those who were left.

Neville, when he thinks about it, will come to the conclsuion that Harry was right in not telling him about his parents.

Looks like the werewolves realized that Fenrir is just as nuts as Voldy and gave up. Hopefully now, they can get a cure for both the lycanthropy and Snape's poison.

Now for the epilouge and the tying up of loose ends.

Author's response

Heya Disruptor!

Yeah, It is. Someone once told me the hardest job in the Marine Corps was being a Marine's wife. I remember watching 'Heartbreak Ridge', Where Tom Highway's ex wife said: "I don't think I slept a wink in '68! I'd eat dinner in front of the TV, hoping to catch a glimpse of you and praying I wouldn't!...I swear, the not knowing was the hardest part!"

Milton: I used that as an example because an old man I knew growing up always made himself out as a veteran, and I found out later, he worked for the post office. I asked him about it, and he used that quote as a justification.

I have two purple hearts, and I honestly wish I hadn't received either of them. He never faced the risk of getting one, and yet he claimed the status of Veteran.

Prank: It wasn't. The portkey drop was done intentionally as a set-up for Harry's 'superglue-the-foot-to-the-floor' trick, and the comment was there, just to keep him off balance.

As Albie's magic wanes, his position as head of the Dumbledore family will pass t Aberforth. Once he is a squib, he'll be confined to his estate, and being as his brother is magical...well, I don't think he'll have any difficulty dealing with his brother.

Goblins: Harry had earned their respect. Remember, he killed a goblin warrior in single combat with blades. Dumbledore has made laws brutally restricting the goblins as well as most of the rest of the world.

They don't like him.

Tit bit/tid bit: To-may-to...To-mah-to. "England and America are two countries forever divided by a common language."

that's one of the fun things about the Harry Potter series, in that we have to learn to use words we aren't familiar with.

Televangelists. Don't even get me started on those assholes! For those Christians who read this...Whenever one of those frauds asks the audience: "What would Jesus do?" I'm reminded of the day he went into the temple with a bullwhip in hand! (John, 2: 14-16)

~I have to respect Harry for staring him in the face and bringing him down.~

Harry is not the kind of person to let someone else take the hard jobs. Like he said in February: "If I’m going to condemn him to that life, then at least I should have the stones to do it myself.”

~Greater Good? Call of tyrants everywhere.~


Blood: His reputat5ion will be in shreds. With all the evidence they've collected, he's gonna WANT to stay behind the wards!

Kasji the Deathless: Actually I wasn't aware of the Baba Yaga angle, although I believe I mentioned Kasji at least once here. (He's also where JKR stole the idea of horcruxes.)

Luna's blow is the last one, actually. From here on in, Albus Dumbledore is a non-entity. He'll stay behind his wards, and should he peek put, he'll find his dreams smashed to flinders. Can you imagine how miserable he'd be knowing he was considered to be not only a criminal, but an inept criminal? He has no magic to back him up, and so until the system he designed, changes, he's yesterday's news.

Luna: He's used Fawkes to bolster his image for so long that now, with Fawkes shifting the bond, he literally has /nothing/.

Read Steinbeck's 'Flight'. A thought provoking story and incidentally, where I got the idea.

~Cruel and unusual punishment there.~

Is it really? Given what he's done, both in canon and here, I'd say it was entirely apropos.

Twins: They needed a swat across their heads.

Wolfsbane: I can't take credit for that. I stole the idea.

Rita: Big rewards, big risk. this story would net her enough to retire on...or live in grand style for years!

Luna: I see you understand.

~Boy, Voldie is really taking the hits.~

As many 'hits' as possible...dude! Unfortunately, addiction is an ugly business. The only good thing here is it's someone who should have been put out of people's misery long before!

Naah, he won't need a team for that. He'll be waiting on the hill, 'just in case'.

Potter grave: It's not necessary. According to the theory I'm using, (Thank Radaslab for the idea) As Albus' magic wanes, his charms will fail by themselves. The same goes for the spell he's used to imprison the Longbottoms. It'll take some time, but they will meet their son again.

The memory charms on Arabella will be slightly different as the damage is more subtle in nature. It'll still take time but she will eventually recover her memory.

Rosh Penin: Basically, yes. He shared a lot of traits with Anakin as well. If he had stayed where he was, he would have survived, but he wanted the spotlight.

He got it.

Caeg Solais knockoffs: I couldn't find Caeg Solais anywhere in Wookieepedia, but 'Sokay. For a bunch of half-trained kids, they did pretty good.

~Ron's death was quick and pointless and caused needless pain to those who were left.~

I agree. The death of a loved one is never easy, and unfortunately Ron was too focused on the glory to remember anything else. As I said, 'his mistake cost them all, dearly'.

Neville: He'll likely knock him on his ass first, but...yeah.

I'd say that Remus' removing the head of the strongest were in two seconds flat, probably had a great deal to do with that.


Poison: Thus far, only Remus was affected by that particular poison. On a related note, Harry still has access to the nanite technology. If it can remove the gent that makes one magical, perhaps it can be used to correct the illness? As for Remus, your suggestion was a very good one. In that case, all they'd have to do is isolate the silver in the blood and remove it.

Epilogue will be up as soon as I can, but remember R L is being a bitch.

Thanks for the nice review.