Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) mwinter 2011-05-02

Glad you didn't make Ron the next Dark Lord. Great chapter. So who's going to come to the Jedi Academy to finish all the students Magical training? I do see that once they are done that training that they them selves will teach the young magical Jedi both magic and the force while others will just get trained in the force. Awaiting the next chapter.

Author's response

Heya mwinter.

Can you imagine how dangerous he'd be? Worse, if he did become a Dark lord, who do you think would have to go and take him down? (Actually, I made that point specifically in another story.)

The academy. Harry is going to pull double duty for a while, attending Hoggy's, teaching Jedi(though on a much more relaxed schedule) and taking care of his new family.

I haven't decided on the staff yet, but all the students still attending Hoggy's will be returning to complete their schooling. Then, if they wish, they will finish their Jedi Training. Remember, they have the Ministry, Wizengamot and the school board on their side.

Helen, Kyle and Sarah will be the first students and more will be selected as time goes by. Also, it will be an individual training. Mack is not the only non-magical force sensitive on earth. those who need training in magic will have it, those who want to learn Algebra can go see Hermione.

The next chapter will be the wrap up.