Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) dennisud 2011-05-02

First I know here Luna will end up, and though she sill visit the Weasley's she will be under House potter protection!
And this can't be the end as the Jedi Academy has to continue and Harry and friends have to upgrade the existing British Wizarding society to the new century and a new clarity!
I think that the Jedi and Magical will combine to be what the Jedi are! Protectors of the realm and the fists of justice and compassion!


Author's response

Hello, dennisud.

Basically yes. Luna is a Weasley now, but her 'family' is at the academy. I'm figuring her child will be a very powerful force user too.

This story is over but the epilogue. If I decide to write a sequel, (This story tops out at over four hundred thousand words!) it will be set years down the road.

The changes to the Wizarding world have already begun, and with Amelia's capable husbandry should see the British mages into the twenty first century. the few remaining purebloods are for the most part, in agreement.

The Jedi will be ambassadors, protectors and when necessary, bringers of justice. As Yoda intended, they will be compassionate and firm, but unlike the old order, they will embrace their emotions (under strict controls of course.)