Review for Cut Yourself and Someone Else Bleeds

Cut Yourself and Someone Else Bleeds

(#) emocutter91 2011-05-09

okay... Awesome. In the 'awe' respect.
This is... Wow... This is like almost literal and metaphorical. Like, I mean I can find a lot of different ways to look at it.
1) first one I thought of in literal/au: frank and gerard.
2) gerard and gerard; as in regular print was what Gerard saw, and bold was what was seen and felt by others.
3) me. I saw this as myself battling myself. Thinking I have complete control over cutting myself, but really cutting has (had) control over me instead. It's like what I was doing to myself physically and mentally, I was doing to people I knew, mentally. And not just cutting, any addictions; eating disorders, drugs, alcohol. Although, I was never... Well........ That'd be a lie, I was all of those. But, I never told anyone. And people still knew; I knew they knew.
Like, honestly, a lot of people think my username and email are a joke or just a 'fashion statement', but in actuality, it was very true of me. I never told anyone I cut; though someone did find out...
But it has been a while since I've cut, but honestly nothing feels better than when you stop. Your self-esteem goes up and all just as soon as the scars start to fade and its beautiful.
What you wrote was beautiful. I think I'm going to read it again and send the link to my friends and family.
Once again, intriguing, interesting, fantastic, horrifying, beautiful, AWEsome.