Review for Killjoys Wanted! Note

Killjoys Wanted! Note

(#) Syphiel 2011-05-10

well here you go then.

Real name: Seth

Killjoy name: Crimson Tide

Appearance: almost albino pale. His skin does not hold a tan. He will burn and peal and still be just as pale. He has choppy cut shaggy blonde hair that has strips of green dyed through out it. His eyes are dark blue. He is on the tall side.

Personality: He is very protective of Kiki (Bullet's Embrace) after what happened with Violent Stripes. He loves to hear people laugh so he will crack stupid jokes.

Backstory: He made friends with Kiki (Bullet's Embrace) during school because they were both the outcasts. Him because of his pale almost albino like skin. BL/ind wanted him as part of one of their "experiments" but before they could get him to join he ran with Kiki into the desert. After finding Violent Stripes and his killjoys, he became a big brother to Kiki(Bullet's Embrace). when he found out what Stripes was doing to her, he grabbed her and ran again. They were attacked by Dracs. He was fatally injured and told Kiki(Bullet's Embrace) to run without him. She did. He dragged himself into an abandonned car and hid. He healed but not perfectly. His right arm is terribly scarred and a scar runs from the center of his forehead through his left eye leaving his vision blurry. He is constantly looking for Kiki(Bullet's Embrace).

Clothes: light blue jeans, a faded red almost pink shirt and a dark green hoodie. None of his clothes really match because when they ran he just grabbed the first things his hands touched.

Other stuff: he is gay and very open about it. He isn't obvious about it but if asked he doesn't hide it.

I guess that's it. I tried to give you enough info about him without overloading you. need anymore about him or Kiki(Bullet's Embrace) I will be happy to supply it.