Review for I'm On Fire

I'm On Fire

(#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-05-15

i can't believe it.
damn, im going to miss her. i mean, sure, i didnt know her personally, and she probably didnt even know my first name, but her personality and wits just radiated off of her stories. i dont know nor care if that makes me seem like a stalkerish transvestite creep, but its true. i laughed and smiled and cried with Full Of Holes, her angsty author's notes, and that Fabio dude. she definetly is going to be missed. and i will definetly cry when full of holes finishes. she is definetly going to missed by everyone who read her stories. i wish i knew she was sick. and i know she probably wouldnt want our sympathy on here, so i just wish her the best of luck wherever she is now. thats what matters most, right? that she's probably happy right now, being herself thoughts and prayers xx