Review for I'm On Fire

I'm On Fire

(#) AdnarimSmada 2011-05-15

God. I am so sorry for your loss. She was your best friend,hell,I know there's nothing I can say to help you,you don't even know me,but God,I'm so sorry. Just rest in peace Lorna/Lauren. I hope you're happier wherever you are in the next world. You didn't know me,I live an ocean away in the United States but believe me when I say,you seem like an awesome person. Ever since I first read your work,you've been like a hero to me as an author,one of my inspirations. I hope that somehow got into your brain in the next world. It's a shame the world lost a person like you. Good luck in the next life,rest in peace. My prayers go out to you,your friends,and family.