Review for AUDTIONS!!!


(#) Bad_Romance 2011-05-16

Name: Katherine/Kat Lee

Age: 21

Vampire or Human: hmm. Can I be whatever you want to make sure I either get paired with gerard or frank lol.

Background: originally from uk. About as tall as frank. Long cherry red hair. Bright grey eyes. Curvy figure... I don't know what else to put. Just ask of you want anything specific?

Fun Facts: likes to draw. Fave band the misfits. Likes to wear hair in pigtails occasionally. Always has pink blusher and mascara for make up... Once again, I don't know what to put lol.

Likes: puppies. Drawing. Been with people she loves.

Dislikes: been alone. Spiders. Rnb music.

Fears: been alone. Sea crabs. Flying over the sea.

Favorite member of MCR: gerard :)

Ask of you wanna know anymore :)