Review for AUDTIONS!!!


(#) SkittlesObsessions 2011-05-16

Name: Lea

Age: 21, feel free to change if necessary.

Vampire or Human: Human, but if you needs vamps I'm game :P

Background: Adopted by her aunt, parents were killed in a crash when she was 10. An only child. Was bullied, but learned to fight back. A little bit of a troublemaker, but was generally a good kid.

Fun Facts: A veggie. A tea drinker. has dark eyes that almost look back. Hair is died black, platinum blonde, and chocolate brown. Double jointed! Fast runner. Nocturnal. Your average weirdo.

Likes: Rock music/90s music. Animals, mother nature, stuff that explodes, catches on fire, or melts. Adventures, singing loudly, pissing people off, sniffing expo markers or gasoline, I really don't know why, I just like the smell of it :P

Dislikes: Rude people, slow walkers, whiners, fakes, preppy people, daylight, snakes, bugs in general. Flies! They are so annoying! Meat, animal or child abuse.

Fears: Falling from high places, breaking bones or cutting myself, thunder or lightning.

Favorite member of MCR : Raymond!