Review for AUDTIONS!!!


(#) QueenOfNewYork 2011-05-16

Name: Issi Maniglia

Age: 18 (you can change this is ya want.)

Vampire or Human:Whatever you need x)

Background: Issi is a very very hyper, crazy, energetic girl. She is small and a HUGE trouble maker. She uses her adorable cuteness to get whatever she wants. She is really nice and funny once you get to know her.

Fun Facts: Has blond hair with rainbow streaks, she loves candy (especially sour gummy worms), she loves going to funfairs x)

Likes: funfairs, candy, playing guitar, going to concerts, dancing, partying with her friends, causing trouble

Dislikes: homophobes, conformists, wannabees, Spiders, needles, has a fear of water cause she almost drowned when she was little

Fears: SPIDERS! everytime she sees one she runs away screaming and overreacts. needles, hospitals, doctors, clowns, water.

Favorite member of MCR: FRANK ANTHONY FUCKING IERO x) hehe