Review for AUDTIONS!!!


(#) Heymimusic 2011-05-16

Name: Alisha Roman

Age: 21

Vampire or Human: i wanna be a hybrid :D but if not, then you can pick if you want to :)

Background: she was orphaned as a child , but doesn't remember anything about her mother and her father wasn't present at all in her life.. Mr. Dimitri Roman adopted her and took her off the streets. She was bullied for being different at her school , but admired by many for being unique.

Fun Facts: Dimitri is actually her real father ! He's a vampire, but he tolerates many things to be with his daughter. He even learned how to eat human food and not throw up :) she has layered wavy jet black hair that reaches her waist, and her eyes are a weird and rare violet color (she got it from her mother) . She is weird an awkward, but it's a cute weird and awkward :) she's loving and loves her friends dearly. She would do anything for them and keeps her promises. She hasn't had her first kiss yet !

Likes: her gay friends , the color red, gothic Lolita fashion, Doctor Who, Guitars, Singing, Music in General, Pianos, video games, accents, looking in peoples eyes, anime, horror movies, art, and drawing ( she likes to draw very disturbingly beautiful things ) candy (she's eats anything sweet or sour!)

Dislikes: homophobes, bullying, country music, overprotection, smell of blood ( weird, knowing that Dimitri is a vampire...), spicy things, dead silence, and the feeling of someone she doesn't know watching her every move.

Fears: fear of being raped and kidnapped, snakes, needles, spiders, falling when she does it unintentionally

Favorite member of MCR: i love them all ! It's impossible to pick ! So you pick for me, I'll be okay with it ! :D