Review for ***AUDITIONS:D***


(#) circusfreak7 2011-05-19

who you want to be:Gerard'sSister

name? Sammi

age (will change to 20's...thinking about making this story black parade era)? two years younger than Gee XD

style?Goth. Black&&Red

favorite place to shop? Music store

appearance (the more detail the better!)? Short black hair with red streaks. Spikey hair XD, Black jeans, pale, blood red lips, hazel eyes

likes? My Chemical Romance. Foo Fighters. Green Day. Black, Red, friends, Scrubs, comedy

dislikes? slash rumours, people who overlook/overthink things, being left to overthink things.

personality? Fun, funny, sweet, sometime's kin'a depressed sometimes.

past ( BE CREATIVE AND DIFFERENT. you dont have to have a sad past. or be an outcast.)? Best friend died when she was only 13. But she thinks it's okay 'cause he had Cancer and he's better off having no pain in his life.

any talents: singing and unicycling (Funny XD)

anything you dont want your character to do: die...

dying? (most likely not gonna happen but idkk just incase) no thanksXD

smoke/drink? drinks but not like alcoholic.

play an instrument? (you really dont have to. its not really a major factor)Piano, bass and singing

anything else? FallInLoveWithFrankOrAnotherBandMember?
Thankss: D

Can't wait for the fic's next chapterXD