Review for Where They Are Now.

Where They Are Now.

(#) emocutter91 2011-05-23

I am openly and quite loudly sobbing now. One reason being that its terrible to think how very realistic this is and that this could very well happen. And god fuck it, what the hell am I gonna do if they ever break up?
If they simply decided to stop touring and shows so they could focus on other familial parts of their lives is one thing, but knowing the divabitch Gerard,s its probably going to be some heat of the moment shouting match while he just happens to be on his manstruel cycle.
sigh. I don't want MCR to go out that way...
And then Two: one of my only friends, Kara, 's great grandpa died on April 30th and I remember watching his awareness of things and recognition dissipate more and more over the time I knew him. Its an awful thing to watch someone go so slowly and you can't help but wonder if they feel lonely even though you're right there holding their hand, because to them, they don't know you.
This was beautiful, so beautiful. I was honestly expecting you to have killed Gerard off in a car accident, or falling back on alcohol and drugs or something, but I was not expecting early-onset Alzheimer's. This goes in my favorite's dear:) xoxo Jamie