Review for Pretty Eyes

Pretty Eyes

(#) emocutter91 2011-05-25

sobbing does not describe what I'm doing, neither does bawling or weeping... My eyes actually hurt now and I'm having trouble seeing the keys.
fuck... Like this has been the MOST emotional chapter for me of this story so far.
Like... I remember talking about things were hard at first for me... But then, all the doctors and stuff... And they took pictures... And then like a shitload of government people and law enforcement, victim's advocates... My god damn family... I was beyond embarrassing... I think I would die... I I would I would if mine were on for the world to see...
Like, yeah, for honesty sake now I've calmed down a bit, I liked everything except the ending... Sole reason being it was extremely difficult to read as for memories. But the entire thing was beautifully and perfectly written:') yeah, still crying but its because you know how to hit home. Lurv and stuff, xoxo Jamie

Author's response

Awww hun, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. hugs It is indeed a terrible thing. No one should have to go through it.