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(#) cup-full-of-blood 2011-05-31

hehe yeah well it really is awesome :)
yeah i feel the same atually, i have written more of my 'happiness or misery?' today yet it's been ages since i have updated hope no ones forgotten lol
i can't wait to read more, i get really excited when you update lol i just love ferards and yours are soooooooo amazing XD hehe
no way thats long since you were six wow, well i have only been writing this year, so not very long. Its my abition also to publish a book, i would like to do it soon to :)

yes so take your time whatever you do it will be amazing :)
oh and i'll be on msn at 8 or half 8 :p

Author's response

awww, thanks! :) so glad you like them...i should actually hoepfully be updating you'll never fit in much, kid tomorrow or the day after :D i've missed writing it! i'll be updating my other story then too i think :)
yay! can't wait til you update- seriously, happiness or misery? is my fave story on here :D
i wrote lots of stories (not frerards though haha! xD) up until i was 11, then i stopped, and i only started writing again about six months ago- so glad i did..i'd forgotten how much i love it!

i'm on msn now xD speak soon! :)

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