Review for Bittersweet Youth

Bittersweet Youth

(#) xblckhrtxx 2011-05-31

a name: Anissa

a few key personality traits: she can be extremely shy at times,she's a daredevil,a know it all,and loves music

something INTERESTING about him/her: she's very passionate about playing her violin and has won scholarships and awards for that.

any siblings:three brothers who are all athletes and jocks,they're very protective of her

general likes:Harry Potter series,has a huge sweet tooth,and likes to draw

dislikes:people who lie,homophobes,small spaces,and spiders.

anything you feel is important:she lives with her Dad and of course her brothers,and Step-Mom who is a total BITCH. Her mom died in a car accident when she was 10. Oh and she's a huge fan of Scott Pilgrim :3