Review for Bittersweet Youth

Bittersweet Youth

(#) DeathDefying 2011-06-01

a name: Alexx

a few key personality traits: shy, dark, keeps things bottled up, sarcastic, smart, will stand up for himself

something INTERESTING about him/her: very good at sketching and plays drums

any siblings: younger brother -4 (Ethan) whom he loves very much

general likes: scary and dark things, loud things, being accepted

dislikes: homophobes, bullies, sports

anything you feel is important: its your story, so feel free to do as you wish(:

this is my friends (xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx)

name: Logan

personality traits: outgoing, eccentric, hyper, bubbly, loud, funny

interesting: painter and bass player

any siblings: nope, adopted(:

likes: fun things, comic books, arts, musics, badass and daring things, sleeping and being lazy, standing up for herself

dislikes: walking far, being woken up, homphobes, racists

anything else: nopee(: your fic, you can use her in any way you want. im fine with death and rape xx