Review for Healing Hurt

Healing Hurt

(#) desiree 2011-06-02

Uh, buddy, no offense but you probably shouldn't question reviewers on your story it makes you less likely to get any comment at all.

Now...that said: i don't know what that dude was smokin who rated this story cliche....... omfg... it was AMAZING! so original! I mean i'm sure its not everbody's cup'a tea, but's what i read fan fiction for, there's so much emotion and so much between the two main characters. very nicely done.

PS: what's up with ur second story? I can't see any story just the title...

but anyways nice job, and try to just let things slide if you see something you disagree with.

Author's response

Hi, desiree,

ya... I guess you're probably right, it just sorta hit me wrong that someone said it was cliche without any review of why... when I worked so hard specifically not to be the same as everybody else... on i got really good reviews, so it was disheartening to see i was -1 and nobody would even be able to see my work anymore. but... thank you so much for making me positive! now its readable again.

I'm glad you liked the story, and thank you SO SO much for posting a review that really means alot to me!

as far as my other story... redeeming repetition... idk its not posting the chapter with any text and it keeps telling to email support but i haven't gotten a response yet, working on it! if you want you can read it on

thanks again!